Pop Culture 80s Baby Designs- Sublimation Transfers

Pop Culture 80s Baby Designs- Sublimation Transfers

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Sublimation transfers will always be a top choice in the garment decorating industry. These have no feel on the shirt. Sublimation ink dyes the fabric. Can only be used on high poly count items. It is recommended to have a minimum of 65% poly. There is no white ink in sublimation so can only be used on white, very light or bleached shirts.*** Available in 3 transfer sizes and 2 ink types including Fluorescent Glow. These special ink transfers glow under a blacklight. No charging needed!

*10.5" transfers are good for youth and adult small-large. It is recommended to upgrade to the 12" prints for shirts XL+, sweatshirts and hoodies. 12.5x18.5 prints are for flags, blankets ect. 12.5x18.5 Gang Sheets will contain 2 of the same designs per sheet.

**Final print size is determined by the design. On a 12" print, a rectangle design may print as 12"x9". I will always print the largest available. If you want a custom size, please select the closest listed size and leave measurements in the comments section of the checkout page. I will do my best to accommodate your request.

***If you want to use on dark or cotton tees, try out DTF prints. These are printed with a true white background and can be used on most fabric types.

***Colors you see on your screen may not exactly match colors of prints. I do NOT guarantee color matching. This is because most designs are created in RGB and printers print in CMYK color mode.

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