P800 Converted DTF Printer

P800 Converted DTF Printer

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P800 Printer Converted with Dual External Waste Tank Line

9 Color 17" Printer (triple the speed of single head 6 color printers)

Outstanding color reproduction and roll feed capable (roll feed accessory not included)


Maintenance Program (to reset waste counter and additional functions)

Chipless Firmware Installed

1 set Empty Refill Cartridges

New Waste Tank Installed

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Not Included But You Need:

Ink, film, powder, RIP software, cleaning solution, a set of cleaning carts, a way to cure (I prefer a Luby oven but you can use your heat press) and a level exit tray (I use foam board).

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Purchase Agreement

There are NO returns or refunds. Every printer is tested prior to shipping. NOT RESPONSIBLE FOR USER ERROR or lack of maintenance once the printer is shipped to you. You understand that this is NOT an all inclusive package and additional items will be needed. You acknowledge that you understand these printers are converted and are being used outside the purpose originally intended. You understand that Epson is in no way involved in the conversion of the printer to DTF. This printer will not be in original packaging. It will come in a plain box bubble wrapped and professionally packed in shipping peanuts.

Before purchasing a DTF printer, please make sure you have researched and understand the time commitment, maintenance requirements and software needed. DTF is NOT plug and play. There is a learning curve. While there is a great supportive community on Facebook, you need to be self sufficient and able to solve problems and think outside the box. If you are not comfortable taking a printer apart or don't think you can do the maintenance every single day, then PLEASE buy your prints instead of a printer. DTF is not cheap and is still a relatively new process. These printers are NOT made by Epson for DTF, they are converted therefore there is no return or warranty offered.

Please view my YouTube videos to see the maintenance of the XP15000 and the L1800. Maintenance on the P600 is similar to the XP15000.


* Printer will be left plugged in and a clean cycle will be ran daily to keep all parts moving and well lubricated.