Mama themed DTF transfer designs
Mom, Mommy, Mum III Themed DTF Transfers
Mom, Mommy, Mum III Themed DTF Transfers
Mom, Mommy, Mum III Themed DTF Transfers
Mom, Mommy, Mum III Themed DTF Transfers
Mom, Mommy, Mum III Themed DTF Transfers
Mom, Mommy, Mum III Themed DTF Transfers

Mom, Mommy, Mum III Themed DTF Transfers

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The Mom, Mommy, Mum II Themed DTF Transfers provide a quick and easy way to create and apply graphics to garments, signs, and other surfaces. Using DTF or Direct to Film technology, these transfers are designed to save time and maximize efficiency for crafting projects ― perfect for celebrating special moments with friends and family.

DTF Transfers are easy to use ready to press heat transfers for canvas, 100% cotton, cotton blends and more. These may be used on dark or light garments as each print has a true white under base. There are no color limits with DTF. Single color and full color are printed digitally for highly detailed durable prints. All orders are printed on demand so there are never any out of stock designs! Look for SSVE after the design name for exclusive designs created by me and never released to digital sales.

Currently Available:

Standard DTF: Bright vibrant prints with a soft feel.

Glitter DTF: Bright vibrant designs printed over true glitter for bright sparkle and shine.

Halo Shimmer DTF: Bright vibrant prints with a soft holographic metallic sheen.

Glow in the Dark DTF: Vibrant prints that glow in the dark! Works best with text designs or light colored prints. Charges with artificial or natural light. Glow effect lasts 5-15 minutes depending on length of charge and type of light (charges best with natural sunlight).

Multiple available size options*:

Infant- 4"

Toddler- 6"

Youth- 8"

Adult- 11-12"

Adult 2- 12.5-14"

Gang Sheet 15"x12" sheet (multi prints of the same design- default print size is 4"x4" but other sizes can be requested; final number of designs per page will be determined by requested size)

If you have a specific size you are requesting, you will enter the requested size in the comment section. Otherwise, all designs will print at the max size.

There are no minimum purchase amounts for DTF Transfers. Price is per print with discounts based on quantity. All discounts are mix and match designs but only include DTF transfers.

DTF10- Save 10% per transfer for orders of 10+

DTF20- Save 15% per transfer for orders of 20+ 

Current TAT is 2-5 business days. Each transfer is printed at time of order. I strongly recommend Priority Shipping and Route Insurance.

* All prints are single image (Single through Full Color) except Gang Sheets

***Colors you see on your screen may not exactly match colors of prints. I do NOT guarantee color matching. This is because most designs are created in RGB and printers print in CMYK color mode.