DIY L1800 DTF Printer (No Software, NOT converted)

DIY L1800 DTF Printer (No Software, NOT converted)

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Are you looking to get into DTF, want to start with a desktop printer and convert it yourself? This listing is for a New L1800 Printer in Box Factory Sealed. This is a DIY project. I do not have any videos on doing the conversion but there are plenty on YouTube. This is a 100% Do It Yourself project. TAT for DIY printers is 2-4 business days*. All printers ship UPS Ground. 

*This option is only available when I have extra printers in hand. If it shows sold out, please reach out to me and I can tell you when I am expecting my next shipment and if I will have any extras.

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Purchase Agreement

There are NO returns or refunds.  NOT RESPONSIBLE FOR USER ERROR, lack of knowledge or lack of maintenance once the printer is shipped to you. You understand that this is NOT an all inclusive package and additional items will be needed. You acknowledge that you understand these printers are not yet converted and that once converted they are being used outside the purpose originally intended. You understand that Epson is in no way involved in the conversion of the printer to DTF. You understand that by doing the conversion yourself you assume 100% liability for damages or errors in the process. By typing your name, you acknowledge and agree to the above statements and will hold SSV Custom Transfers blameless in any issues or damages to said printer.

Before purchasing a DTF printer, please make sure you have researched and understand the time commitment, maintenance requirements and software needed. DTF is NOT plug and play. There is a learning curve. While there is a great supportive community on Facebook, you need to be self sufficient and able to solve problems and think outside the box. If you are not comfortable taking a printer apart or don't think you can do the maintenance every single day, then PLEASE buy your prints instead of a printer. DTF is not cheap and is still a relatively new process. These printers are NOT made by Epson for DTF and once used/converted there is no return or warranty offered. AcroRip is Windows based (all RIP software is) and to use on a MAC it must be ran through Parallel or similar. I do not nor have I ever had a MAC so I can not be of assistance with it. To run AcroRip or the maintenance program, they must be whitelisted on your antivirus OR your antivirus may need to be disabled while using. DTF adhesive is a nose and throat irritant during curing. Proper ventilation and PPE (mask) are needed. A fume extractor is suggested.

Please view my YouTube videos to see the maintenance of the XP15000. I recommend looking up Kingdom DTF for maintenance videos on the L1800.