Custom Direct to Film (DTF) Transfers By the Roll- No Color Limit, Printed on Demand

Custom Direct to Film (DTF) Transfers By the Roll- No Color Limit, Printed on Demand

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DTF Transfers are easy to use ready to press heat transfers for 100% cotton and cotton blends. These may be used on dark or light garments as each print has a true white under base. There are no color limits with DTF. Single color and full color are printed digitally for highly detailed durable prints. 

How To Order

There is a minimum order of 100" length.

You will set up your artwork via the Antigrow Designer (link to tutorial at bottom) here:

Next to the Confirm button in the top left, you will see "Link to this design", click it and copy the link. This is in case you need to view the job after you submit it. You will be unable to make any changes once submitted.

Once your artwork is set up, you will be redirected back here to finish your order.

You will enter the total number of inches in length of your job. (Example: if your job totals 220 inches in length, you will enter 220 as the quantity under the 200" option).

There are 5 Pricing Tiers based on your job size in length of inches:

100"- $0.55 per inch

200"- $0.50 per inch

300"- $0.45 per inch

400"- $0.40 per inch

500+"- $0.35 per inch

Design Requirements:

12.5" Maximum Width

Minimum of 300 DPI

PNG or SVG files only (transparent background)

Designs must be set up with a bleed area as follows: Designs should be spaced a minimum of .5" apart (this is for when you cut the designs apart from the roll).

There is NO artwork correction offered on orders by the roll. Your designs will be printed exactly as set up.

I will print designs you purchase or create. Your designs are safely placed in temporary files and never used for any other order but yours. The design will be deleted from my files after printing. If you find a design on Google, please do your best to find the original designer to purchase from. I use and recommend the Facebook group Desperately Seeking Digital Designs. They are a great resource for finding the original artist. 

NOT RESPONSIBLE FOR PRINTS MADE FROM IMPROPERLY FORMATTED ART WORK. All orders will be printed as received. If your design is blurry or has a background on the screen it will be blurry or have a background when printed.

DTF Transfers require a heat press to apply as they need even heat and pressure.

**Current TAT is 3-7 business days for up to 200" jobs or 5-12 business days for up to 500" jobs. Please contact me prior to ordering for a more accurate TAT based on my current orders. I strongly recommend Priority Shipping and Route Insurance for all orders.

***NOT RESPONSIBLE FOR PRINTS MADE FROM IMPROPERLY FORMATTED ART WORK.  If your design is blurry on the screen it will be blurry when printed. Colors you see on your screen may not exactly match colors of prints. I do NOT guarantee color matching. This is because most designs are created in RGB and printers print in CMYK color mode. Transfers will be printed exactly as sent; if it has a background a background will be printed.

Need assistance using Antigrow Designer for the 1st time? Check out my YouTube tutorial here:

Want to see advanced features that you can use such as Filters or adding text? Check out the YouTube Tutorial here:

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