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Curious about all the types of transfers we offer? Wonder what will work best for you or just want to try something new? Now you can get a test pack at over 40% off and try all of them! What's included? 1 each of:

 ~DTF Transfer 11"-13" (for all colors and all materials that are not heat sensitive)
 ~Regular Sublimation- 8.5x11"
 ~Florescent Glow Sublimation- 8.5x11"- 13" (these glow under blacklight!)
 ~All Over Sublimation Print- 11x17" (for the popular Scrunch Method)
 ~Screen Print- 11"-13"
 ~Sublimation Hybrid- 8.5x11" (new product still in testing; for white/light color fabric including cotton)


Full Instructions provided for each transfer type except the All Over Sub Print. Search Scrunch Method on YouTube or TikTok.

*Designs sent at random.

 5-7 Business Day TAT

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  • Test Pack of Ready To Press Transfers- Set of 5 Types
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