Sublimation vs Full Color Low Temp

Have you been wondering about the differences between transfer types? The below chart shows the biggest differences between our 2 most popular transfer types: Sublimation and Full Color Low Temp. Have questions? Reach out to us any time via Messenger or at 

Sublimation Full Color Low Temp
Ease of use Ease of Use
1000s of designs 1000s of Designs
Low cost Bright, color rich
muliple subtrate applications muliple subtrate applications
can be put on white glitter for sparkle and to expand range of products to go on No weeding
No weeding No special prep
soft hand easy to line up multiple graphics because of the clear carrier
can be done in 1 press softer hand then HTV, gets softer with age
  low application temps, safe for a range of fabrics
  true full color range including white
Substrates must be treated with specific chemicals slight learning curve
In most cases limited to polyester fabric requires 2 presses
must be used on white or very light colors(unless used over white HTV) large designs will crack over time
Colors are not as vibrant heavier feel than sublimation
High temps sometimes scorching fabric  
white doesn’t print in the design