More Money Less Time

How long would it take you make 40 shirts with front pocket and full back design? I’m guessing much longer than 2 hours which is how long it took me to do the shirts in the pictures! AND my profit for that 2 hours of work was $128.75. Yep, $64.38 per hour and my fingers aren’t falling off and my grandkids didn’t grow up while I was busy. How did this magic happen? I used our Ready To Press Transfers! Here are some figures for you. 40 shirts front and back design. Our custom single color transfers are $7.75 each BUT you get a discount for bulk orders (10%-30%) so the total cost wasn’t $387.50, it was $271.25 for 50 transfers (40 back design and 10 sheets with 4 designs each, nope we don’t charge extra to put multiple designs on a sheet). Still with me? Good because here comes the meat…40 shirts at $4.00 each ($160) plus the transfer cost puts your total in materials at $431.25. You can easily charge $14-$16 per shirt (lower cost means you compete against others in your area better) which gives you a payment of $560. Retail minus cost of materials equals $128.75 in your pocket. Now the 2nd part. How long did it take to earn this? 2 hours. Yes, you read that correct. Our transfers come ready to press so no major prep work for you. Just preheat the garment for the normal 5-10 seconds. Press each design for 30 seconds then wait at least 10 minuets for the transfer to completely cool (#1 important thing to do!) (I honestly wait an hour or more and take me a nice break, that heat press lid gets really heavy). Next, roll off the transfer sheet (VERY IMPORTANT to roll not pull) and then repress each design for 20 seconds (if you reheat your bottom plate for 20 seconds between each shirt you only have to repress once saving your pressing arm from exhaustion). Your done. 40 shirts front and back design in 2 hours. How do they hold up? Better than HTV. Seriously, these transfers have nearly the same durability as professional screen print. Plus, you can iron over them. In fact, its good for them and helps “heal” any small cracks that might appear due to the customer not following the washing instructions (BUT they do need to be covered with pressing paper before ironing). So what are the cons of these transfers? They don’t come in glitter (yet). BUT there are several beautiful metallic colors, neon and even a full color option! So there you have it. Why I adore these Ready To Press Transfers and why they are my go to for any orders over 5 (sometimes 2 if I am really busy lol). Make sure you check them out and always feel free to reach out to me with any questions or quotes at

Craft On!