Make Your Holiday Craft Shows Easy

Looking to boost your craft show sales? It's that time of year! Holiday craft shows every weekend. For most small businesses this is the busiest time of the year. T-shirts and home decor items are always popular and personalized items are a huge hit. But what if you don't have time (or the resources) to whip up hundreds of dollars worth of items that might not sale? We have the solution! Set up a mini press shop in your booth. Our Single and Full Color Ready to Press Transfers are perfect for craft shows! They cost very little and blank shirts are also fairly inexpensive. But don't stop there! Pillow shams and blankets are another very popular idea. Display the transfers and blank items to press them on. In most cases you can use a small press (psst we are testing out the Cricut Easy Press on our transfers this week) and these transfers are fast and easy to use. What doesn't sell isn't a waste because the items are still blank. Just use them at another show or project. No more guessing what color shirts will sell the best with what design. Let the custom choose. You reap the profits. Transfer + shirt is around $10. You can easily sell at $20 doubling your money for 5 min of work. It really can be that simple. Check out all of our ready to press designs under the Specialty and Pattern HTV collection. Craft on!