DTF or Screen Print? Which is Better?

Short answer is neither. They are both equal in quality and both can go on dark or light garments of all kinds. Below I will break down the Pros and Cons of each.

DTF Pros DTF Cons   SP Pros SP Cons
Slightly more durable with less cracking issues More expensive   Cheap to purchase in bulk Has a MOQ per design per size
Low application temp Has a "hand" that gets softer over time   Wide availability most places only print up to 12x12
Digitally printed for smooth gradients and super fine detail   Specialty inks like metallic, glow and glitter High heat transfers are very temperamental and require insane amounts of pressure
Multiple size options       Limited color choices
No MOQ       Full gradients and super fine detail are difficult

No color limit

       cracks and flakes, has no stretch, has a "hand" that gets softer over time

 So which is better? Whichever fits your project most. If you need a lot of prints in the same design and size then you can't beat screen prints. If you just need a few prints, multiple sizes or high detail (photographic) then DTF is the better choice. Either will be sure to make you happy with their ease of use and look.