Don't Face Burnout This Year

Summer is just around the corner. Then you blink, and Fall is here. You should be wrapping up and starting your Summer plans. Now is the time to start looking ahead and planning out your Fall campaign strategy and products. You should never put all your eggs in 1 basket, but you also shouldn't spread yourself thin.

Fall is typically the start of the busiest season for all businesses and small businesses are no different. In fact, small business owners look forward to Fall with both anticipation and trepidation. Anticipation for the increase in sales and trepidation for the very same reason! So often, we are sole owner and employee at the same time. We face burnout, frustration and hope in equal measure. This year, put a plan in place to reduce the burnout and frustration.

How Do You Do It?

~Order stock early to ensure you have everything you need on hand.

~Figure out a reasonable cut off date that enables you to meet all TAT times and STICK TO IT! Announce your cut off time for each holiday 4-6 weeks in advance.

~You will still get last minute requests. Don't be afraid to say no! If and only if you have the time in your schedule should you accept rush orders. Add on a rush fee. Your time is valuable! Don't short change yourself.

~Prepare for delayed and lost packages. Make sure your packages are protected with shipping insurance. It's worth every penny! Last year, SSV had a record 24 lost packages October-December. That is the most since I started 8 years ago. Every single package was insured and able to be replaced at no additional cost! It took minimal time and effort to file a claim, it kept my customers happy to know their items were protected and it helped the bottom line.

~Have a dedicated day(s) off and stick to it! Don't open email. Don't answer messages. Don't even think about your week ahead. Focus on you, your family, hobbies and relaxing! It has been proven that disengaging for short periods of time improves your health and happiness.

SSV implemented all of the above strategies in 2022. What a difference it made! I made it through with my sanity, 99% customer satisfaction and had record sales! Loving what you do is the most important thing. Profit just ensures you get to continue doing that. Don't lose the joy!